Betsy Graham

Patient Coordinator

I am a happily married mother of three grown children and an extraordinary grandson named Terrapin! My husband and I moved to Seattle from Chicago, via New York as we were drawn to cooler temps, mountains and an abundance of water.

Although I started my career as a teacher, I always wanted to work in the healthcare field in some capacity. Even though I don't work as a clinician, I had a calling to work with patients-getting to know them, showing compassion and helping them on a journey of healing and restoration. My work as a Patient Care Coordinator has been just the right path and place for me and Innova is where my path continues.

When I'm not working, I love to garden, hike, cook, draw and paint and spend time with family and friends. We are so fortunate to be in such a beautiful corner of the world where we can find ways to refresh, restore and renew.