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The pelvic floor is an essential group of muscles and ligaments supporting and stabilizing the organs and body. This grouping helps regulate bladder and bowel processes and is important for optimal sexual function. Pelvic health is essential to optimal function and quality of life.

How can PT help?

Many women experience issues relating to bladder or bowel incontinence, pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction and childbirth related changes. Pelvic health physical therapy can help with these issues.

Licensed Physical Therapists are qualified to treat pelvic floor dysfunction using a variety of methods including behavioral training related to bladder and bowel habits, biofeedback, strengthening, and manual techniques.

A sample of conditions pelvic floor rehabilitation may be appropriate for:

  • - Urinary incontinence -
  • - Pelvic Pain -
  • - Pre and post-partum pelvic floor strengthening -
  • - Pain with sexual activity -
  • - Organ prolapse -

What to expect on your first visit

Initial examination and subsequent treatment sessions at Innova are 60 minute one-on-one with a licensed physical therapist. On your first visit, your physical therapist will take a detailed history relating to your condition.

Since one area of the body may directly impact another, your PT will look at your condition in a holistic manner.

The best way to assess pelvic floor muscles is internally, through the vagina in females. An internal assessment may be completed on your first visit, however our first priority is your comfort and you are in control of your treatment.

Depending on what is found during your exam, your PT will craft a treatment program designed to reach your goals for optimum function.

Together we can Restore, Revitalize and Renew your body.

Women's Health Photo
Women's Health Photo