Innova is happy to announce the launch of our new Seattle clinic, located in West Lake.
1700 Westlake Ave N. Seattle WA 98109, Suite 400

Chronic Pain Treatment at Innova

Patients with chronic pain describe their journey as frustrating and discouraging. Often, patients with chronic pain are given routine Physical Therapy exercise programs which are not effective.

Not all Physical Therapists have the training, reasoning and skill to sort out the complex factors which contribute to ongoing pain and dysfunction. Frequently the Physical Therapist is focused on treating symptoms without understanding the root of the problem.

The highly skilled and specialized Physical Therapists at Innova are trained to understand the functional relationships between all regions of your body, how they interact and how it effects your function and life. We determine which impairments in your body are driving pain and dysfunction.

We focus on removing the barriers to optimal movement and train new more optimal patterns of muscle recruitment and coordination which create synergy in movement and loading.

If you have tried traditional Physical Therapy without meaningful change and are ready to experience an innovative and effective approach, reach out to Innova.