Innova is happy to announce the launch of our new Seattle clinic, located in West Lake.
1700 Westlake Ave N. Seattle WA 98109, Suite 400

Combat Sports Athlete Rehabilitation at Innova

Due to the nature of combat sports, athletes who participate in these types of activity are prone to frequent injuries. It can be incredibly challenging to find a health care provider who truly understands the unique demands of your sport and the common injuries associated with it. Initially these types of injuries may present as minor so they may be ignored and seeking treatment for them is put off. Lack of intervention leads to bigger issues down the line that ultimately keep you from getting back on the mat. At Innova, our goal is to meet and exceed your needs with meaningful knowledge and relevant experience to keep you performing at your best and help get you back in the game following any type of injury.

Treatment Approach

Treatment at the clinic is comprised of a one-on-one session with your specialized provider for a duration of 60 minutes. Our focus is on the athlete's quickly assessing your unique needs so that we can address impairments and speed up your rehabilitation to optimize your recovery.

  • Treatment Plan: Established based on diagnosis and in clinic assessment.
  • Neuromuscular Re-education: To promote and train optimal movement.
  • Manual Therapy: To address soft tissue limitations and joint restrictions.
  • Home Exercise Program: Specific exercises tailored to the individual athlete's needs based on the assessment and impairments found.
  • Education: On anatomy and mechanism of injury, when to return to sport, modifications to training to allow continued participation if and whenever possible.


Katy Smith, PT, DPT understands the effort, time, and dedication it takes for combat athletes to develop their skills. Her immense experience and mastery in BJJ make her uniquely qualified to hear your concerns, assess your injuries, and keep you on the mat or returning to the game sooner and safer.

Concussion Rehab Photo
Concussion Rehab Photo